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    Why Choose Elixir?

    Improved Features & Benefits

    100% pure water

    100% Pure Water

    RO water purifiers manufactured by the Elixir removes bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and organic substances like arsenic, rust, pesticides, and fluorides to make water for drinking 100 purer, safe and hygenic.

    retain essential minerals

    Retains Minerals

    Elixir RO rewards include a TDS-level controller knob. This feature allows customers to alter the predetermined TDS scale in order maintain the essential minerals for water quality.

    Multistage Purification

    RO membrane is particularly effective against the numerous toxins that make water unhealthy to drink and contains chlorine, fluorine, pesticides, dissolved impurities, and other microorganisms. UV and UF membranes are used in the last step of purifying the water, killing remaining viruses.

    remove impurities

    Removes Impurities

    Exlir RO water purifier also removes dissolved impurties  including bacteria and viruses that are hard to remove using conventional purifiers. Although conventional purifiers kills bacteria and it does not remove impurities.

    zero waster water

    Less Water Wastage

    Kudos to Less Water Wastage Technology, Elixir water purifiers utilize pumps to flush out the processed water back to the overhead tank without eliminating much of the other water used during the purification process.

    extended warranty

    Warranty Protection

    1 Year Warranty + 1 Year Free services. This is a great way to protect your investment. This warranty covers all potential parts problems within the purifier. If there are any problems with the parts within the first one year, it can replace free of cost.

    digital technology

    Digital Technology

    The latest digital technology ensures that your RO purifier is functioning properly. Different alarms systems indicate health of  filter, UV radiation equipment malfunction, water purity level, water quality etc.

    maintenance services

    Servicing efficiency

    Our latest RO water purifiers come along with an efficient service maintenance system. We provide high-quality services and employ distinguished and qualified professionals who can deal with all repairs and maintenance issues quickly and efficiently.